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making physical therapy easier

At Paradigm, we are on a mission to make physical therapy easier to use. We understand that not everyone has an hour or more to spare for a physical therapy visit. That's why we've streamlined our treatments to better fit your busy schedule.


Paradigm standard

There’s really nothing standard about it. If you’ve received physical therapy at Paradigm in the past, you know the care is outstanding. These visits will utilize your insurance benefits, and you will receive approximately 30 minutes of one on one care from one of our excellent physical therapists.


The Exact

We realized that not everyone who has a job and family responsibilities has a schedule that allows them to spend an hour at our office. In just 18 minutes you'll get the tune up your body needs that will get you back on target and feeling energized. At just $45 it's a great bargain.


Premium Pilates

Our lead Pilates instructor, Marianna, learned her skills directly from several of Joseph Pilates’ students! You won’t find any other instructor with expertise greater than what we offer at Paradigm. A Pilates visit at Paradigm is a great complement to your physical therapy visits, or it’s a great treatment tool by itself.



30 minutes of physical therapy and 30 minutes of massage for the low cash price of $110.


Massage Matters

Leading health experts recommend having at least one therapeutic massage a month. Our therapeutic massages provide great health and wellness benefits and we make it easy at Paradigm. You can join our Massage Matters club and receive one massage a month for the low price of only $55.